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May 17, '10

Thirteen-lined ground squirrel activity has been unusually quiet. Yesterday with the sunshine and 60's temps, two were observed chasing each other around the front island. A 13-liner partaked of the lemon balm leaves, and the nuts his trusty "fan human" provided. I suspect the females are busy nursing their little ones, yet I wonder where the males have gone?

This morning on the way to work, my husband spotted a cottontail at the end of the block. Hooray, there's hope of one or two despite the amount of predators they need to be wary of!


Apr. 7, '10

Our Beeler J -

She was born in the front yard June '04. She binkied from the blue spruce (to the house) at the shake of oatmeal in a canister. She lounged in the yard. Stay protected under the deck when snow and ice was here. Her latest habitat was a protected fortress to the west, where numerous bunny poos were laid in-between eating the winter handouts we gave. She looked for cilantro and clover and dandelions. Handouts kept her nourished through the Christmas holiday and early January. She stayed closer to the house in January '09. I saw her come forth to eat oatmeal and greens in the cold of winter. Karl saw Beeler J out for nibbles by the bushes in mid-January.

Now all signs of her are gone. She lived five and a half years and taught us so much about cottontails. That cottontails are smarter than you think, and they can un_learn a previous attachment to humans. Not be imprinted, outgrow any imprinting as they return to the outdoors habitat. Season after season...

With sadness and gratitude for her 5+ years in the wild, I'll clean up the fertilizer beads Beeler J left behind. She left a ton behind the straw bales one year! How sweet to see.

We miss the cottontails. More predators have driven them away. Where have they gone? The neighborhood will not be the same without their sightings.

Beeler J sure taught us lots. Cottontails, please return and/or stay safe wherever you are.

Jan. 15, '10

We see signs that Beeler J is still around. The oatmeal offerings we provided disappeared earlier this week, with output trails, and awesome bunny pee spots, to verify she's been visiting. She even made the cilantro sprigs and romaine section disappear. Stay protected, Beeler J!

Last night, handouts given, yet some remained this mornning. Perhaps she hid in an alternate safe haven the last 48 hours?

Dec. 5, '09

Two sightings. Beeler Emily, perhaps? Beeler J has instructed her daughter to stay around several places near the house, for protection. Tracks in the snow and across the porch, on 12/4, after the first measurable inch of snow. Saturday, 12/5, confirmed sighting as she hopped away to a different spot. Oats and vittles will be provided as best as possible! Amazing how mom told her daughter of the place she previously stayed in cold weather. All of the handouts save for the original romaine leaf section were gone from Beeler J's nibblage spot.

Another yard visitor was spotted Saturday, so Baby Beeler Em needs to stay safe.

Happiness returns with the tracks and sighting!

October 23, '09

She's gone. No more sightings of Beeler Emily or Beeler J. No cottontails in the neighborhood. I've lost gumption to keep on archiving notes although the chippies, and 13-liners did entertain us quite well. The squirrels and small critters will be priority. My heart is sad that Beeler J hasn't been seen.

A conversation with the neighbor lady about a month ago revealed her observation of a regular fox visitor over the summer.

It'll never be the same again, until we see cottontails. Beeler J, or her offspring.

Logging off until a further time,

August 14, '09

Beeler Emily spotted yesterday, near the cove. Karl put out a few oat flakes. Water dishes are put out for momma squirrel. 13-liner activity is way down. One brave regular made it safely to our Tall.Vegetation.Nut.Island to help himself to goodies. All the babes are gone. Only see adults, and one or two at that. Large bird, red-tailed, near the grassy hill yesterday...

The additional website URL slows the wildlife postings and photo additions. Sorry about that. Numerous grateful companions appreciate the affection and care! Thanks for checking in to see if new stuff is added.

Enjoy the small creatures.

Stay protected Beeler J, 'Em, and critters.

July 16, '09

What are you looking at?

It's been a mixed blessing of weeks gone by. Beeler J made several outings with her surviving youngster whom we call Beeler Emily (Em'). A few times close to the road by the neighbors. Beeler Em was hunkering down in protective spots in our yard. Spots that mom Blr J used to stay at. Beeler J must have been instructing her well. I hope this means that Beeler J isn't going to leave us, or relocate. See, they do talk! go to that yard, the humans are kind, will put out supplements in the winter time, provide protection...
Naturally, all the events are archived on the calendar. We watch for them constantly. Their beauty and innocence is unsurpassed. The two have warmed out hearts!

We also saw the five Canada geese ducklings along the nature trail. They look like adults now. Very beautiful. A lone turkey has walked through the yard about 2-3 weeks ago. The 13-liners are getting bigger.

The sad times are the moment Karl observed the hawk swoop down to snatch a baby 13-liner in its claws. Another 13-liner was HBV on the street after undoubtedly running over to check out greens/seeds in our property. Several 13-liners have been spotted in the flower islands munching on petunias. Which darn near brings our daily chores and current tasks to a standstill. We stop and admire with binoculars!

A few juvenile squirrels. Hooray.

Stay protected little ones, stay protected Beeler J and 'Em.

~ I'm amazed at the motherly instructions Beeler J has given to Em'. Gary continues to thrill us with sightings of Jennifur in his yard, and the fan club of boy lagomorphs she's attracted. Stay protected all.

June 24, '09

Adolescent cottontail spotted in the edge habitat area. He/she scampered from our row of bushes near the garage. Thank heavens we may have one survivor. This youngster looks about 2 months old. What a beautiful sight!

Gary wrote that a predator had gotten to the 4 babies born to Jennifur. Very sad.

Appears to be a new chipmunk hole near the wood pile, east side.
13-liner made his way into our yard and nibbled on nuts carefully placed in the culvert.

Stay protected Beeler J, Jennifur, and youngsters.

June 23, '09

Our wonderful neighbors let Karl take a look into the island area where we suspected Beeler J had built a nest. No fur in the indentation. No sign of babies.

Beeler J was spotted last night nibbling grasses by the woodsy edge habitat.

Monday June 15th we saw Beeler J repeatedly gathering grass in her mouth, and leaping into the tall island area...
Last Thursday and Friday, thunderstorms and heavy rain showers.

June 17 '09 Update.

6:20 pm. Karl suddenly shouts while gazing out the window, "She's there!!"

So I go out back to watch, slightly disguised behind raspberry branches.

After 5 minutes, a deer slowly advances into the digital pictures being taken. Elegant and beautiful deer begins nibbling from the tall island. Where Beeler J has hopped in.

Out hops Beeler J. We'll see how the digital photos turned out?

Stay protected ~~ Beeler J and Miss Beautiful Deer. And 2-day-old babies.

June 17, '09

She's Back! We are so excited. Beeler J had mouthfulls of grass to line her nest as she busily leaped into the tall area island in our neighbor's yard Monday night. Hooray! Our beloved cottontail is safe and well. Stay Protected Beeler J.
We will watch for you as best we can. You turn 5 this month. What wonderful memories of seeing you grow up in our front yard, and protected fortress havens -- and surviving each winter, with a small amount of help from Karl and I (during major cold and snow days). And the time I chased that red furry fox from our garage area with a broom... tellin' it to stay PLENTY FAR AWAY.

We love seeing you Beeler J. You fill our days with happiness and gratitude.

Jennifur, her daughter, is doing well in West Allis in Gary's yard. All reports are documented on the calendar. I'll see about adding a photo of Jennifur too.

While doing errands at noon: Juvey groundhog darted back into his safe aisle in the long roadside grass. Whew. The road to the south has become a sad place to travel recently. Last 2 weeks it had become "death row" to many Hit By Vehicle Chipmunks. A few that we picked up with toweling and removed to the side of the road. Today I carried off a squirrel to let him RIP in the grass. One needs to drive more slowly along that stretch. Our son also spotted a deer come through at the end of the block, about 10 pm, the other night.

I saw the property owner's big gold cat loose on the porch. This same cat grabbed a sibling of Beeler J back in 2004, from our neighbor's plantings by the clothesline. IT better stay to its own yard and not venture over here. To decimate more wildlife. Despite my short chat with the property owner, the person continues to let the cat out unsupervised (careless attitude of where it wanders). Grrr.

Babies!! Yes the babies are out of the burrows! Their diminuitive trilling is music to our ears. Karl and I will be staring across the street for several more weeks. Updated photos to arrive shortly.

Baby 13-liners, chippies, cottontails, the well-behaved squirrels who appreciate the wildlife safety havens...

Their entertainment antics and peaceful behavior is a Joy to observe.

Stay protected!!

June 5, '09

Thump. ThumP. THUMP! Loudly at that. Began just as I got into bed last night. Repeated again. I go to investigate. ... Silly me, I had forgotten to shut off the monitor screen, and a watchful bun wanted to make me aware of the abnormal tiny, "on" light.
Light turned off, all in the house could sleep.

June 4, '09

The sound of baby chipmunks in the west side woodrack. Didn't spot them, but the chirps sounded like youngsters. Two chippies running across the porch this morning. Hmmm, seems like a couple more have come closer to the house to search for cheek-pocket items!!
Red-tailed. Yup, had that large wingspan. Circling around in the sky, few houses away.

The best part of the day was dusk, 'round 8:30 pm when I stepped outside for a moment. Caught a glimpse of movement underneath the arborvitae. Squirrel? This late? She emerged from cover and darted to the next bush, then across the street, up the hill and into the neighbor's safety thicket once more. The neighbors tend to put out more seed for the birds. I hope she that was Beeler J, moving to her nighttime haven...

Stay protected,

May 11, '09

As best we know, Beeler J has moved on to her spring and summer territory. Yesterday Karl got a glimpse of a cottontail across the street. We have a hunch he belongs to a different family down the block, however. Unless that's Beeler J's preferred summer territory?

Not too much activity with the 13-liners yet. It's good to see them awake and zipping across the grass.

It's time to tackle the weeds in the flower islands -- and get the geraniums planted. Crossing my fingers we won't have a freeze. My beautiful mother said it'd be okay if I got 2 vibrant hostas to add, and several small pots of yellowish spikey grasses. We're renovating the west-side hill, and those will get in the ground this coming weekend. My mom had the most gorgeous islands planted with colorful perennials. I miss her very much this Mother's Day weekend...

Her astounding talent for beauty about the yard will inspire.

Photo above: April-5-08. Resident chipmunk!

Gary calls regularly with Jennifer C updates. Last week she was lingering and munching grasses in his yard with Mr. Big.

stay protected,

April 12, '09

Four squirrels in pursuit of one female this past week. I took snapshots.

Beeler J hasn't been seen since March 26. Unless she was one of these two? Two brown critters with alternate white fur patches reminded me of tumbling newspaper in the light breeze, on March 30th. It was midnight. Seemingly playing at the corner of our garage. I couldn't decipher if they were doing courting hops. Looked like friendly behavior.

Ah hah, one bunny poo near the place where Beeler J always ate her wintertime supplements. April 1st. Not a squirrel poo, a bunny poo! Good news also, one cottontail was seen about 2 blocks away at 8 a.m. this morning.

Like clockwork, right before our son's birthday. Second weekend in April. Ta Da! The first 13-liner sighting across the street. Out from hibernation; periscoping on the grass nibbling, looking about, enjoying the sunshine this weekend.

Photo: Who's this? 13-liner peeking out of burrow, June-24-08.

March 26, '09

Update from Gary on Jennifer Cottontail. Yesterday he went searching for the aluminum plate that her wintertime supplements were set on... It was kinda hard to grab it from underneath the bushes. Jennifer was holding onto the plate with her teeth! What a smart gal. She had danced in the neighbor's yard a few days earlier during the light rainfall.

Karl enjoyed the springtime temps last Saturday and raked the yard of the dropped leaves and pine needles from last fall. Who should scoot out of the front island? Beeler J.

Three little chippies decided springtime and sunshine required extra seed gathering in the 50's warm-up last week. We look forward to their faces running across the porch as the weather gets nicer. Baby chipmunks?

One dedicated squirrel continually peeks in our glass door for walnuts. She's gotta be the mom!

Stay protected all, J.

March 2, '09

Winter slowly eases its way into the transition month of March. ~ Beeler J stays protected. Every day she fills our life with sunshine and gratitude! She nibbles (appreciatively and secretly) the romaine leaf, cilantro sprigs, oats, sunflower kernels, and shredded wheat biscuit set out each evening. Occasionally a tiny pc. of apple or carrot slice. She is cautious on when she nibbles. Although Karl and I have observed her waiting for her winter handouts to arrive. At the appropriate time!

The squirrels make their rounds yet I put out less items. The grass is brown and not covered with snow.

Photo of Zippy, visiting the seed bin.

Stay protected little critters,

February 23, '09

Fox tracks with the new snow, over to the west. As best I can tell, our Beeler J is staying protected. The supplements were gone tonite. We've been watching for the unwelcome intruder who better stay far away ~ Well, it's not staying far ENOUGH away but it better not come any closer!

I also saw BeelerJ on the 21st, waiting for some meager handouts to nibble. Stay Protected Beeler J. A walk the week before revealed another eastern cottontail hiding underneath the colorado blue spruce branches in a neighbor's yard. That's Two. Two cottontails. Who need to stay protected...

February 13, '09

Beeler J, cottontail princess, was waiting for her winter supplement handouts last night. 5 pm. The best valentine greeting I could get!
A new blanket of snow makes everything glimmer in the sunshine.

Take care of all the lesser-thought-of beings in your neighborhood. Are you thinking of gardening and what dandelions, oregano, parsley and petunias to plant?

February 12, '09

The bulldozers dug up the empty plot where 13-liners were often seen. This plot of land is a few miles away. Karl commented that if ANY were in torpor or hibernation, they probably were decimated (destroyed) with the excavasion and concrete blocks being put down. Not a cheerful thought.

eyes closed,

February 10, '09

I saw Beeler J tonight. She's staying protected. Whew. Gotta keep that gal protected so she sees her 5th birthday in June.

With two days of record high 50-degree temps and lots of sunshine, the snow cover is disappearing. The squirrels have alternate food items to nibble (hallelujah) which saves on seed handouts that we would provide. Chickadees flew in the other day however to nab a few walnuts I tossed out. Saturday we hiked along the bike trail, but didn't see any wildlife. A hit-by-vehicle opposum observed on Sunday on the road to the north. Stay hibernating yet 13-liners! More winter air will arrive before everything melts.

< What would you say to this begging squirrel?

January 30, '09

I saw her last night !! Words can't describe my happiness of seeing BeelerJ again. I checked with a flashlight at the fortress she's often seen at. Karl had put out oats earlier in the evening.
Every nite we watch for her, and will put out a few supplements to keep her nutrition levels satisfied. Stay Protected Beeler J.

Jennifer C(ottontail) is also faring well and staying safe at Gary's property in a more populated urban area. Hooray! Cottontails are such peaceful creatures to observe. In our neighborhood they've become extinct.

Which way to spring?!

January 19, '09

The decorated northside hay bales have become a great fortress for birds. They seem to enjoy flittering out, and hunkering in the fortified insulation (originally put there for Beeler J). We will be optimistic that Beeler J has moved to a safe area. Meanwhile the birds are havin' a party in those bales.

January 18, '09 -- Coming too close.

Red-tailed hawk in the sky this afternoon between us and the neighbors. 2 p.m.
Squirrels are cuckling and getting friendly with each other (mating time?).
- Beeler J hasn't been seen for almost 2 weeks. Her whereabouts always concerns us.
Tracks all over the yard.
Scat and feathers on the wooden stairs.
Red fox seen way too close to house at 7:45 a.m. this morning.

Stay protected, Beeler J. Stay protected...

January 13, '09

Yikes. Where did the time fly? Sorry for not doing regular updates with the wildlife photos. There's been a ton taken, and just not enough dedicated time to share them. The petfinder listings and education matters have rejuggled my freetime. I'll do my best to update the pages. Spring is coming; Hooray!

January 23, '08

Just like an angel. There she was. Sitting hunched under the bushy barren branches at 5:15 pm. Earlier today I put out oats, kernels, and a biscuit; some of her fave wintertime nibbles. Calling and speaking to her, around 4:30 pm as the daylight began fading, "stay protected, Beeler J." Shaking the oats container hoping she would detect the sound, or silently see me. Nearly two weeks had gone by without absolute confirmation if she was still in the area. The tracks between the neighbor's house and ours, and large-spaced tracks in our front yard, led me to believe a predator was lurking in the night hours. My hope was she had found a more sturdy fortress to keep her warm and protected.

Shutting the blinds in the dining room, there I spotted a dark clump under the bush. When I talked to her from inside, raising my voice so she could hear through the paned glass, she turned her ears to listen. And straightened her body from its huddled posture.

Off again, to disappear into the wintry landscape, as I lowered the blind ...

Yet she came by and ate the oats, biscuit, and sunflower kernels first. The supplements I set on the ground a half hour earlier, while saying her name in the crisp winter air. Disappearing again before Karl could observe where she had scampered away. Leaving footprints to make us smile.

"Stay protected, beeler J."

December 30, '07

Two beautiful deer jumped across the road in front of the CRV. Karl and I watched as they bounded up the snow depth of the field, then scaled the fence like weightless, graceful butterflies to enter the woodsy haven. That was one of the best (almost) New Year's Eve experiences!!

December 10, '07

Nature's beauty: Chasing about on errands last Friday I tried to keep my eyes on the road as a flock of Canada geese were peacefully headed south. When I glanced in front for oncoming traffic, the man in his car was doing the same darn thing. Staring into the sky to watch the geese!! A moment of sheer beauty & awe as they glided over our heads.

Photo, R: December 2005, cottontail prints on the front walk.

Beeler J, after a month absence, has lifted my spirts again. She's coming around and leaving very few footprints in the snow. We decorated our Christmas tree yesterday.
At 5 pm I had this Beeler premonition.
I quietly peeked out the front door, and there she was...

There is nothing like the sight of a cottontail against a wintry background, looking at you. :)

Create those brushpiles and safe havens. You'll be blessed, I hope, with a resident cottontail. (They will nibble old-fashioned oat flakes in addition to healthy twigs.)

{{Stay protected}} little creatures.

Happy holiday wishes to you and yours,

April 23, '07

Whoo! Where does the time go? It seems everyone is busy these days. Beeler J was busy visiting with a male cottontail on Easter Morning when we glanced into the yard. We shall be optimistic for a forthcoming cottontail litter. Time to get into the yard and spruce up some extra shrubbery habitat. To the left, Beeler J on April 12 as she emerged from a hidey hut.

She then took her teeth and snapped through those twigs directly in front of her. Wooh! A good way to keep her incisors trim.

Please venture into the yard and make a few more brush piles too!

Tonight Beeler J emerged from a protected spot when she heard her name being called...

My husband and I reminisced about the time Nacho Beeler performed binky hops.

Wildlife photo-taking continues, Stay safe little creatures. We treasure your innocence and presence.

September 28, '06

My husband looked out the front door Tuesday evening to witness another contented bunny leap by Beeler J. Over she hops, kicking up her feet in merry acknowledgement upon recognition of our voices, or visual observation! After visiting for a few minutes, she starts to nibble on yard grasses, then off she goes. Stay Protected, Beeler J. We love you!

Yup, momma squirrel had those babies. Four to be exact. They've ventured off and live in the tree dreys, however rainy conditions will send them back to the solid wooden roof covering of the 2 nestboxes. Photo of the squirrel youngens was taken August 17. They were endearing and hilarious to watch as they discovered the "New World" and perfected their climbing skills.

Treasuring the chipmunks, squirrels, signs of fall, and nose nudges from family members... All for now.

July 31, '06

Time flies way too quickly. I don't drop in to upload wildlife photos as often as I'd like. We continue to enjoy the precious little ones who visit and find safe haven in our yard. Momma Squirrel may be expecting again. We'll keep watching and providing a bowl of fresh water for her to drink in this humid 98-degree stretch.

Beeler J is like the angel who appears and then vanishes. She had a boyfriend with her Saturday night, and my husband was able to lay in the grass and watch both of them come for oatflake handouts. We aren't sure of where Beeler J is staying, but every nite we see her is truly treasured. She turned 2 in June. St. Francis of Assisi and his guardian angels willing, we hope she'll reach birthday #8. She's teaching us lots, communicating in her silent ways.

Last Friday nite Blr J did a contented bunny flop right before our eyes! Sure, we see our domestics do these all the time. But a cottontail? Pretty amazing. She acts so much like our domestic babies.

How many humans are able to observe eastern cottontails napping with their feet outstretched? Or witness their contented bunny flops?

December 20, '05

Christmas Day 2004. ~ Under a thick smokey grey sky with light flurries gently falling, my eyes scanned the brush piles for the familiar shape I had come to cherish. There he was, positioned just outside the entrance to his safe brush-built fortress. Waiting for the human to advance and leave a handful of oat flakes. This being Christmas Day with tiny flakes pittering against my coat, I received the grandest gift on my list! I approached cautiously, speaking softly so he'd recognize my voice as my boots crunched into the worn pathway. (At that moment I regretted not having the 35mm camera tucked in my pocket.) I paused, awed of how beautiful he looked against the backdrop and snow-covered sticks. I stooped down to place the handful of oats which he nibbled contentedly. We exchanged our special bonded messages. He kept watch around him with the bare branches making his presence more noticeable. Reassured, though, when "that woman" was near, he could feel safe. A few seconds to spend with rehabbed cottontail patient, Nacho Beeler, became the most endearing moments Christmas Day dusk. Nacho was an agouti angel with tall ears. Innocence and an emotional bonding, connection, between species permeated the Christmas dusk atmosphere. . . - Webmaster J.

Nacho's appearance, described above, is forever locked in my memory.

Pictured below: Nacho in the North cove, month of December 2004

** Nacho, July 3, 2004 - August 17, 2005 ** You are missed.

October 11, '05

My dear hubby and I are convinced our rehabbed Nacho Beeler is forever gone. The yard is not the same; an empty feeling lingers. Luckily Beeler J (born June of 2004, mom is Sandy's rehabbed Hutch Beeler) is still seen in the yard and takes haven in the fortresses we've built. Stay protected Beeler J.

July 3, 2004 - August 17, 2005

photo: © DJEvers September 2002

Welcome to my ground squirrel haven. There aren't many places on the web which display photos of these adorable little critters. This is a unique site to help you learn about these four-legged stripeys who've brightened our lives with their presence and made us smile.

One warm summer day in June or July I was quietly waiting to take the picture of the 13-liner you see on the right. A lady in a car stopped at the intersection on the street about 15-20 feet away from us and shouted, "What are you doing?" I replied, "Taking pictures." The woman asked, "Of what?" I said, "Thirteen-lined ground squirrels." "Oh cool," she shouted with a smile on her face, "I knew it had to be something special."

Something special they are! Very cute and entertaining to watch.

My portfolio of thirteen-lined ground squirrels, chipmunks, and other sights & tales we've encountered in southeast Wisconsin will be added as time goes on.

Animal lover and conservationist, Jamie
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