~ How Quickly I grow Up

Day Seven

We'll have our eyes open soon ~ and go exploring. hoo-wee!

Day Ten

4:30 am Tuesday morn. !!One baby Missing!! MiniTanker had crawled from nest, dropped from housing to carpet in bedroom, and motored 8 ft. away to our bed frame. Nursery ward is now ||fenced|| with exercise pen.

Day 9 - 11. Kits' eyes opening, then clamping shut for most of day. Should Cuddles get too close to the nesting pad, everyone clambors for a suckle!!

Feb. 15. 06. Ears Up on command, eyes open. Chasing after mom for milk. Cuddles has a 2nd floor lounge pad in the housing crate where she can nibble nourishing meals in peace.

Feb. 24. 06. We scamper about the floor, then huddle for serious hay munching.

Mar. 8. 06. Nearly five weeks. The sound & sight of greens rustling in my hands sends every fuzzbop scurrying to get the first serving. The rustle of a crumpled grocery bag, where hay is stored, shoos 7 youngsters into hiding.
Babies lay next to mom, jump 14-inches to the NIC housing shelf, lap from water bottle on their tippy toes, yawn, stretch, and kiss each other.

Mar. 9. 06. 5:30 am. Petting Cuddles and three of her babies for 15 minutes, while others played nearby.

Mar. 15. 06. Cuddles usually nurses her babies around 11 pm. We hear the clamor of feet and suckling. Pictured above, the family shares some newly-doled out alfalfa hay at 7 am. !!Full Moon Last Night!! They were up at 4 am, digging, playing, moving dishes, jumping on the gym shelves, i.e., waking up Gramma and rescuer Grandpa. Fuzzwuds of energy and cuteness.

Memorable minutes from BabyLog 2006: Cuddles and babies laying together on the rugs, frequently grooming and snuggling. Gary Alin, male, the darkest of the brown ones; A habitual snuggler!

Mar. 16. 06. Rescued Cuddles didn't mind me observing the Nursing Mayhem at 11:21 pm. Her nicknamed son Tank is an outgoing brute. Those teeth gotta be pretty sturdy! So cute to watch them grooming faces afterwards.
Toddlers next to Cuddles, 11:35 pm, pairs of feetsies stretched back. Time to get some rest ...

Mar. 25. 06. Cuddles looked stressed last nite when the 7 babes chased her down to nurse. Six weeks is Old Enough. Saturday evening: We separated the boy babes, girl babes, and Cuddles. Each have their own housing unit, with Cuddles residing next to BG. Whew, we should be able to get some decent sleep now w/mom and kids out of our bedroom!

Apr. 26. 06. We reconfirmed the genders of Marietta's babes and set up a girl and boy dormitory. Spats took place within each group, and two more youngsters were moved to separate spots. It's adorable to see the remaining boys lay next to each other. Hope a bit of that brotherly room-sharing will continue!