Snuggle Time with Papa

Bunny stories from Jerry in Missouri

Once a baby had been injured by a brush hog and I took it home and we took care of it for a couple days then let it back into the wild. This was 15+ years ago, I remember our oldest daughter, Kristen (now 20) named that bunny "two". What a crazy name for one bunny. Our first Easter together Kristen was 2 and we told her all about how the Easter Bunny had hid the eggs outside. When we went out there was a little bunny hopping around our yard, we walked up to it very softly and started petting it. We got to pet it quite a bit, it didn't seem very afraid. That helps sell the whole Easter Bunny story pretty good to a 2 yr. old.

Another time we were gonna mow for the first time in the spring and in some tall grass was a small bunny. Once again I approached him slowly and started rubbing between his ears, he was very calm as we all talked to him...

When I was about 13, I got a tame rabbit for a pet. One of those places where they will sell you the meat or the rabbit. I was very glad my dad let me get that rabbit so he didn't end up as the other choice. I ended up box training him just like a cat. He was really neat. He was a very pretty black and white mid-size bunny and my mom named him "Mr. Bunners". He had a great life with us, he lived freely in the house with our dog, and they got along great. I have seen them fall asleep against each other and the dog would eat lettuce because it didn't want the rabbit getting stuff that it didn't get. Now we had a very nice home, 3 levels, brand new and this rabbit got to live and run free inside, and he did not make any mess. In fact, we would travel across country with a truck and trailer to different places for vacation, and the rabbit would go. He went to Corpus Christi and Brownsville one year on a 3+ week trip. He road in front of the truck and we kept a small litter box in the trailer. Mr. Bunners always traveled in style (lol).

Kathy's Big Al on Karl's lap

Cuddles and her rescue dad

Fred snuggling Bobo

Amy giving Gigi cheek massages

Diane and Papa


Life is good!

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