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Log: May 28, 2003 -- Duck in trouble

I went for a walk last night, 4 mph. After about 1 1/2 miles I noticed some folks congregating past the bridge where the lake feeds into a stream, and also a few police cars ... I thought perhaps someone got hurt with the bikes, rollerbladers and such.

As I stopped to find out, it was clear a white duck was in the middle of this "stream" and his foot and/or wing were entangled in a string which was tied to a bucket!!! He was making some noises not quite distress but he wasn't happy. Apparently it isn't extremely deep but mucky and someone attempted to walk out but slid into this "stuff".

At this point and after conversing with the woman who noticed the duck, she said she had already been there an hour waiting ... apparently first for police or safety and now for the fire dept who were going to use a life raft to wade out to the duck. Finally they appeared and got the raft inflated (not soon enough for me!) and pedaled out ... All the time I am calling to the duck to stay calm someone nice is coming to help! Truthfully the woman and I thought if a crowd hadn't gathered perhaps nothing would have been done ... well hard to say for sure but we were glad a crowd was and perhaps our prescence heightened everyone's awareness!

As the raft got closer we were concerned the duck not panic but he was ok and then started flapping his wings whereby the guy in the raft was ducking from the flying mucky stuff (whimp!!!). The duck seemed to be almost trying to get IN the boat!! We were yelling from the sidelines pick him up ...he wants to come in ... help him! GEEZ. Finally he picked him up and got to shore whereby they were able to cut the rope and free the duck.

It was already being set up to take the duck to a vet for examination since we didn't know his condition but as soon as they cut the cord he quickly got up and quickly and happily waddled off!! Watching his little "butt" waddle all the way down the side of the stream NOT venturing into the water again even though he was quite mucky! A happy duck and an even happier crowd as we cheered and wiped tears of happiness from our eyes!

Kathy from New York

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