Thirteen-lined ground squirrels, gray squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits

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About ground squirrels -

It is alarming how suburban development demolishes thousands of trees each year and subsequently ruins many natural habitats for animals. The demise of safe havens and wooded areas drives many critters into our neighborhoods and gardens. Some critters choose to remain - and dwell in our midst - while they search for necessities to survive: Food, water, and shelter.
Check out these educational pages on thirteen-liners, chipmunks, and squirrels. Without the beauty and diversity of wild critters, and the ability to observe them, this world would be a dismal place.

Wisconsin DNR Environmental Education for Kids - EEK!

WildAboutGardening, talking about the chipmunk

The mini-bios on 13-liners, gray squirrels, chippies, and rabbits are still in progress. These are my favorite small mammals and I hope you'll visit here occasionally to see the pictures and notes.

Under construction -

Gray Squirrels, our backyard bunch

Eastern Cottontails and my domestic bunns

Because of my volunteer experiences with the wildlife center (including rescue/transport trips and training with various licensed rehabilitators), my love for having domestic rabbits became permanent!