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"How did this fascination with critters start?" you ask? - Simple. 'Twas many years ago when I dreamed of a becoming a veterinarian or veterinarian assistant. That never happened, but my love or interest in animals never faded. Animals of all shapes and size. Maybe certain kinds of animals more so than others [I'm not a big fan of wolverines]. My interest grew even stronger when my husband and I observed lots of wildlife and small critters on our bike rides in southeastern Wisconsin.
In July we spotted this little guy, affectionately named Baby Gregory, wandering alongside the roadway on our return back home. We felt he wouldn't have a chance surviving on his own given the surroundings where we found him. In about two hours it'd be dark. We suspected he was orphaned or the nest he lived in was stirred up by a predator. I temporarily placed 'im in my empty water bottle on my bicycle. Well, we thought the water bottle was completely dry. Actually it had a small amount of water left over from melted ice cubes on an earlier ride. Baby G got a little wet, and gratefully he survived the dip! You can see that Baby Gregory's nose-to-back feet measurement was the width of my husband's four fingers. His fur was medium brown (when we found him) and handsomely showed his stripes.

After trying to assist orphaned baby rabbits or baby birds while growing up, my feelings lean toward letting critters roam free or be in their own environment. That's ultimately the best decision versus keeping certain critters as pets or even overnight.

We let baby gregory loose in an area that has thirteen-lined ground squirrels and a multitude of burrows. Nevertheless, during the 45 minutes that he/she captivated our Sunday evening, it established a deeper bond and desire in learning about thirteen-lined ground squirrels. Some folks view them as pests or rodents (and go out of their way to eradicate them for fun). We walk a different trail. We've observed a different facet of their behavior.

This site is dedicated to the preservation of life coupled with a respect for nature - and I hope you'll enjoy the images and facial expressions of thirteen-liners we've captured on film.

To you, Baby G -- you touched our lives in an indescribable way,

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