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Log: February 2002

This little fella was found alongside the roadway one day when I was out walking our dog. I picked him up in a plastic bag and brought him to work. Yes, my coworkers were a bit shocked, but luckily there were several knowledgeable birding people who could help identify him and tell me more about his character.

My husband became intrigued with owl sounds in our neighborhood during January 2002. This guy was found on February 3, 2002. It's not too likely we'll be able to hold one of these raptors in our hands everyday.

Gosh, being this close to a screech owl, even if the poor fella met his demise by flying in front of a car, was pretty exciting. Check out his talons in the photo below. Nothing compared to a bald eagle, great horned owl, or red-tailed hawk's talons, but impressive nonetheless. Rodents and mice can be clutched easily in fingernails of that length!

After a few telephone calls to appropriate wildlife sources, we decided to lay Mr. Screechy to rest near the same area where I found him. His final resting place is well off the road, this time, in a thickly-covered grassy area peppered w/trees. Trees he probably perched in or lived in. Evidently screech owls fly low to the ground when chasing after prey. Oftentimes they get hit by vehicles.

Rest in peace, lil' flyer. You made us more aware of your feathered kin and tweaked our interest in learning about owls.

Everytime we walk by the area, our minds instantly connect to Screechy.

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