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- Middle-aged Dotson found his forever home -

Spay and Neuter your pets. Please Adopt from a rescue or shelter.
All our rescues are spayed & neutered.

We are contacted re: companions that need forever homes.
Transitions are possible if foster homes & prospective adopters are available.

Petfinder will be updated.
- Brownie - Caregiver Assistance - May 28, 2021 || Neutered dutch Benjamin - Rehome-needy listing - April 23, 2021.

Please contact us for Meet 'n' Greet appointments. We will also make suggestions re: reputable rescues. Childrens interests change rapidly; they are often not committed to lifelong care of a rabbit.

We screen diligently for the benefit of each pet. Indoor homes, socialization, and playtime hours are key. A well-suited home is our goal.

-- Please email beelermom @ wi . rr . com --

All our alumni buns have a special place in our hearts.

Adoption Info.

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Adoptions : Foster-boy Rexor | Beau, October 2020 | Mellow, May 2020 | Allison & Pepper, June 2020
Penel, & Bindee - sanctuary placement

Angela aka Oreo, February 2020 | Bashful, November 2019 | Eeyore - Neutered & adopted, July 2019

SRR is focused on Special needs, hospice, & Sanctuary Care, since 2006. | SRR News

Library resource/s: Rabbit Health in the 21st Century, second edition by Kathy Smith

RABBITS: Gentle Hearts, Valiant Spirits by Marie Mead

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Soulmate Beginnings - In Our Family!

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-- All images on this website are Copyrighted. --

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