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- Middle-aged Dotson found his forever home -

Spay and Neuter your pets. Please Adopt from a rescue or shelter.
All our rescues are spayed & neutered.

We are contacted re: companions that need forever homes.
Transitions are possible if prospective adopters are available.

Effective August 2021. Sanctuary status and special needs' care is our main focus.
We will make suggestions re: reputable rescues.

No adoptions will be done during the Easter timeframe. Childrens interests change rapidly.
They may lose interest in lifelong care of a rabbit.
Parents are primary caregivers to teach responsibility.

Adoptions in this immediate area only. A recommendation from our DVM clinic will take preference.
Indoor homes & playtime hours are key.
Rabbit Hemorrhagic Viral Disease (RHVD2) - Biosecurity and vaccination is needed.

- Please email beelermom @ wi (dot) rr (dot) com -

All our alumni buns have a special place in our hearts.

Adoption Info.

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Courtesy Posts: Benny, n/male harlequin / spayed/vaccinated Cici, dutch female. IL location.

Adoptions: June 2022 - Courtesy Post for Tara. March 2022 - Courtesy Post, Rehome-Needy bondmates Lois & Clark (adopted) | Courtesy Post - Mo (now an emotional support bunny)
Feisty Brownie - sanctuary status | Benjamin | Rexor 2021 | Beau, October 2020 | Mellow, May 2020 | Allison & Pepper, June 2020
Bindee, Dotty, and Penel - sanctuary placement (special needs)

Angela aka Oreo, February 2020 | Bashful, November 2019 | Eeyore - Neutered & adopted, July 2019

SRR is focused on Special needs, hospice, & Sanctuary Care. Our Labor of Love began in 2006. | SRR News

Library resource/s: Rabbit Health in the 21st Century, second edition by Kathy Smith

RABBITS: Gentle Hearts, Valiant Spirits by Marie Mead

_ Euthanasia notes

Soulmate Beginnings - In Our Family!

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-- All images on this website are Copyrighted. --

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